Friday, April 4, 2008

So I just wanted to check in and see if any one checks this thing anymore...let me nkow if you do, also here is the most recent picture of Khosi

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rhyen counts to 10!

Just thought I would let you all know that my 2 year old learned how to count to 10! We were playing hide and seek.... it was Rhyen's turn to count and so count she did. Uillame and I had no idea that she knew how to count to 10...Dont know where she learned it???!!! But we were excited! I am sure that all you kids and nieces and nephews know how to count.. but i am excited about rheyn

lots of love

Monday, July 2, 2007


"No matter what course we may take, so long as it is in righteousness, if we are united, we can stand against the world." -Sheri Dew
Here's wishing everyone a happy and safe Independence Day! Hope everyone always remembers how blessed we are, and how easy these blessings can slowly slip away.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Here Maegs, let me help.

Ok, Maegs posted a 'story' on the comments link. I think, maybe, she meant to post a post. If you did what you meant, sorry, but not sorry cause this way everyone will see what you said. Anyway, here is what she said. And hey, I even found a pic. of her on my computer. Not that hard when she is my dear ol sis. p.s. Do we need to have a bloggin seminar maegs?
Hello hello hello!!! This is Maegan Hoyt checking in and I hope everyone is doing well! I think this is such a great idea cause I am always wondering what everyone is up to so I hope everyone joins and posts comments. I am doing well. I'm enjoying the newly graduated life style and am preparing to get working! I'm staying in Utah for the summer but will most likely be moving to Arizona in the fall to work and get my pre-requisites done for PT school. We'll see though. Utah may be where I'm at for a while. Anyway, that's all I have time for at the moment but I'll keep in touch. And I am certainly down for an alumni reunion on the lUV court to play a little any time others want to get together. I'm sure Sam the wam won't mind! :) Peace!


Hi all I am so excited to do this blog thing...Ann you are so smart! I hope more of you start posting! Anyway congratz to Mo and her new little are looking beautiful as allways! Well life for us bells is going well. We bought a house in January and are loving it. Uillame took the LSAT last week and we are now waiting for his score...keep your fingers crossed! I am still working full time (yuck) but what can you do? I am the office Manager for Maple Ridge Spinal Pain Center in the job but hate being away from Rheyn.... Speaking of Rhyen she will be 2 on July 5th... I cant believe she is so old! I have a toddler...Crazy! You are all invited to her birthday bash!! it will be spectacular! (dont't know if I spelled that correctly) Anyway....i know that i have like droped off the face of the earth but im back now and want to see how everyone is doing! Hope all is going good


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Me and my J

Although it is super fun to have a girl to dress up and play 'dollie' with, Jason has been great. A different medicine, which I'm sure, will become more different as the days go by. So as those of you who have been here before know, my next project is to loose the weight. Hurray! It feels like you get back down and then it's time to go back out again. :( Can't wait to bump that v-ball around again. I'm hopin to hone my skills as an outdoor player this year. Last year was...unmentionable. Anne--does your son still have his sixth finger? If so, I want to see a picture of it. I think that would be something cool to see. . --All is well at the home front in Pleasant Grove. (Will I ever get out of Utah?) Kaia is 27 mo. and a great big sister. She likes to calm J down by placing her face 1 cm. from his and breath on him. It seems to work for a while. I think it's cause he is confused by the close proximity. Jared is still working for Trophy Homes. Good job, we like it. I am a mom of two. Two? Yep, I guess that's right, one...two. Two is do-able, three will be a challenge. We are so so happy. It's great to have your own little fam. Nothing brings more joy. Peace out till next time.

First Post of many

Well I guess since I created this blog, I should probably get it up and running. Anyways, We are doing well here in Boise. Just got back from visiting my sister in Rexburg and we are glad to be back. In case you haven't found out yet, I am 7 weeks pregnant with our second child. Andrew is going to be a big brother February 2008. We are so excited to be able to add to our family and are looking forward to more in the future.

Andrew is going to be 11 months on the 30th of this month and will be a year old next month. He is growing bigger and bigger and is just soooo close to walking. He took half a step yesterday but fell to the ground. I love seeing his cheesy smile everyday when we wake up and his big eyes get him out of anything (not quite but he makes us laugh).

I hope to get more of you guys on here posting soon. You first need to create a account and then let me know what it is so I can invite you to start posting ---